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The first and foremost goal of our movement is to make a difference in as many people's lives as possible. We believe in EQUITY as the guiding principle for humanity and for our planet. We define EQUITY as the fair distribution of the inequalities generated by our socio-economic systems, so that all people can enjoy a life with dignity.

The EQUITY tree keeps healthy by the wisdom passed on to us, feeding on the abundance of earth through strong roots. We develop a sturdy and balaced trunk by providing support where needed, so that we can all enjoy the fruits of a mature society!

We propose to use health equity as the best indicator of social and environmental wellbeing. We believe it is our moral obligation to use natural and economic assets in a responsible manner, taking into account our duty to preserve resources for future generations. We believe in building an EQUITY ZONE, a space within which we all dwell, defined by two very clear conditions: 1) Everybody has access to the resources for a dignified life and 2) We put an end to the unethical practices of hoarding resources and environmental degradation.

Extreme poverty and excessive wealth have been identified since the beginning of democratic societies as sources of the worst forms of societal blights. However in over two millennia of democratic struggle we have not managed to reach a state of maturity to eliminate either. To the contrary, we worship, admire and envy resource hoarding, no matter the means nor the price our vulnerable planet has to pay. Neither have we found the ethical courage to eradicate poverty in all of its forms, despite being the wealthiest and most productive generation in the history of humankind. We just try to clear our common conscience by throwing crumbs to the poor -and blaming them for their fates, while the inequality gap is ever increasing.

We urgently need to devise and implement redistribution systems at the local and global levels to transform our societies. We also need to strengthen the international legal framework, based on universal human rights, to provide binding mechanisms that will hold governments and the private sector accountable for their actions.

We need your help on this path to EQUITY! We need you to contribute your ideas, to spread the word, to educate, to discuss, to organize, and to hold our democratic institutions accountable for bringing about change. We owe it to ourselves, to our children and to the generations to come. - DC

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Book: Health Equity: The Key for Transformational Change

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